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Viametrics, a Swedish based technology company, and SXMHI Group, a market expansion services company in Shanghai, China, have formed a partnership in order to bring comprehensive and world-leading people counting data systems to the Chinese market. Viametrics provides the sensors, tracks the data, and performs the algorithmic data analytics, while SXMHI manages the distribution, client service center, and representation in the PRC.

Viametrics knows the importance of retail stores to understand their customers’ behaviours and is fully equipped to help them generate decision data that leads to cost savings, greater efficiencies and profitability-enhancing measures. Viametrics CEO Patrik Elfwing had the following to say “We are excited to partner up with SXMHI in order to further strengthen our position in the Asian marketplace. Viamterics is bringing > 20 years of knowledge of the retail market around the world.  We truly understand the importance for our customers to have a robust and cost effective people counting system, which can bring both reliable and actionable information regarding customer behaviour, to further strengthen our customers profitability and competitiveness. The SXMHI team provides the expertise and professional knowledge as well as the values, we have been looking for in a strategic partnership.”

SXMHI Partner, Daniel Polvi, stated “We are proud to partner up with Viametrics, and together be at the forefront of pushing retail operators in China towards a new level of data use throughout their organizations. Our team looks forward to offering a seamless expansion experience in China, overcoming the complexities often faced by entrants and allowing Viametrics to benefit from the unparalleled market potential that China has to offer. In close relationship SXMHI will provide market expertise and knowledge, so that Viametrics can focus on what they do best.”

An efficient supply chain, business support system, and regular communication is necessary to maintain a working relationship with buyers, which is where SXMHI management expertise, market strategy and distribution network will play a key role. SXMHI will do the necessary work to give Viametrics access to this network in China using it’s trade entity for importing, warehousing, and establishing a strong distribution setup. SXMHI understands the competitive landscape and will ensure Viametrics constantly understands its closest competitors in addition to the needs of the Chinese people counting systems market.

Together Viametrics and SXMHI aim to become the key player of people counting systems and data analytics in the Chinese retail market.

About Viametrics

Viametrics is a Swedish, fast-growing technology and knowledge-based company. We provide companies and organizations with information that gives them in-depth knowledge of their customers’ behaviors. Our user-friendly analysis tool generates decision data that lead to cost savings, greater efficiencies and profitability-enhancing measures.

About SXMHI Group

SXMHI Group is a versatile market access group based in Shanghai. With operations in supply chain, distribution, sales & marketing and business support services it acts as long-term partner for companies seeking to establish a profitable and sustainable business in the Chinese Mainland. With a team of 60+ staff and a Western management team, with combined China experience of over 30 years, we create tailored setups that include strategy formulation, sales & marketing, brand development & licensing, distribution and sourcing.


Patrik Elfwing, CEO, Viametrics,
Daniel Polvi, Partner, SXMHI Group,