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End to End Unique Market Partnerships

We act as long-term market partner for companies and brands looking to access China’s markets and create tailored setups that include strategy formulation, sales & marketing, sourcing & supply chain, distribution and e-commerce operations

SXMHI is set apart by three core beliefs


In the information age, innovation is rapid and competition is developing at a similar brisk pace. Being open and honest with issues and opportunities keep us in long term cooperation with clients. This expectation for transparency has extended beyond personal interactions and is now a reality in business. Across all industries, transparency has never been more important to a successful business model.


Conducting cross-continental business comes with a natural degree of uncertainty, specially so for dealings in China. Rapid development aside, dependable business to us means a high degree of both availability and reliability. Not only as a matter of pride, but also as a integral part of our company culture.


Dependable and transparency only gets partnerships so far, at SXMHI we are ambitious and aim to be an active factor contributing to growth. For the sake of our clients, partners and ourselves the future has to be led by continuous improvement, a belief that tomorrow has more potential than today, and lastly that we together will get there by mutual effort.

Our Service Spectrum Can be Summarised as Follows

Supply Chain Solutions

Our business started in sourcing and quality assurance circa two decades ago, in a time when China was a very different place. The consistent focus on core beliefs led us down a path where more clients signed on and expanded our scope of collaboration. That turned into assembly services and testing facilities. Today our supply chain solution covers sourcing to global DDP-delivery.

Market Partnership

The rise of China’s economy gave way to consulting services. From this amassed knowledge base of best & worst practices, grew an offering to handle entries in an operational way. Today our spectrum contains support from the day of deciding to enter China, to running distribution and sales & marketing activities.

Last Year by the Numbers

We have worked within a wide array of industries

Select Cases of Note

EU Mechanical Engineering Group

SXMHI run all Chinese operations for this client and has additionally built up the sourcing and assembly capacity to have over one million heavy weight consumer products pass through per annum. A small scale testing facility was built to take further control of heightening quality standards and being able to support official certification procedures.

US Cosmetics on CN Social Media

With holistic responsibility for building brand name awareness and sales infrastructure, SXMHI executes weekly online campaigns which generate more than 1,5 million consumer interactions per quarter. The complete set of operations partners (3PL, import agents, etc.) were recruited using in-house staff.

EU Consulting House Representation

Facing an ever-increasing part of their clientele shifting operations to Asia, this 500 man strong consultancy has chosen to have SXMHI represent them towards local clients, provide project space for fly-in consultants, run administrative tasks as well as execute on project deliverables.

Global Consumer Wearables Group

For this client SXMHI co-develop, design and deliver a portfolio consisting of 2400 SKUs. The engagement did entail sourcing, quality assurance processes integrated with factories, as well as consolidated shipping to each of client’s national warehouses. Today this has grown to also include marketing and sales responsibilities.

Supplements & Nutrition Entry

We handle all operations and regulatory compliance so that the client firm can focus solely on increasing their sales. Importation, product handling including pick & pack, develop marketing materials, as well as similar support are regularly given. This has allowed the client to reach critical mass at an accelerated rate.

Clients Served

Meet our Management Team

Mike Nethercott

Mike Nethercott

Partner & Chairman

Close to 30 years of experience from China and Asia, with focus on sales, marketing and distribution for consumer products. Mike spent 17 years in senior sales roles for Bayer AG’s  consumer product division, and was Marketing & Sales Director for Sara Lee in China before starting the market access group MHI.

Gustav Astrom

Gustav Astrom


Serial entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in China.  Founder of companies within advertising, online media, market research and consulting. Acted as market representative in China for companies within clinical research, management consulting and recruitment. Engaged in over 50 China market entry and expansion projects for consumer brands.

Daniel Polvi

Daniel Polvi


Focused on high growth scenarios, Daniel comes from a management buy-in boutique that specialized in operationally taking firms through cross border/continental expansions.
Broad experience base in varying B2C and B2B scenarios. Daniel founded a successful market access firm that was subsequently acquired.

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Assembly & Testing Site

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Local Sites

You can reach our project and incubation offices in: Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Zhuhai

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